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New Patient Appointment at Oregon Trail Eye Center

New Patient Expectations

We sincerely appreciate you trusting Oregon Trail Eye Center with your precious gift of sight. You have our pledge to value your time and to make your visit with us as comprehensive and smooth as possible.  Our hope is that the information on this page will provide a foundation of information and expectations that will prepare you for your first visit at Oregon Trail Eye Center. 


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Please Expect this Initial Appointment to take 3-Hours

This first visit will include a detailed history, as well as comprehensive vision and eye examinations.  Achieving high quality specialized eye care requires additional diagnostic testing, a thorough discussion of your diagnosis and treatment plan with your provider, and possibly some initial treatment, if needed.  

What to Bring to Your Initial Appointment:

•    A valid photo ID
•    Primary & secondary medical insurance cards
•    Your specialist co-payment (check or credit card preferred) as indicated by your insurance card(s).
•    Any eyeglasses, sunglasses and/or readers you currently use.
•    A driver to assist you home, as you will be dilated. 
•    Your medical history, a list of all your medications, including vitamins, supplements and eye drops.  If you are an insulin dependent diabetic, please bring your medication with you.  
•    A list of all drug allergies/sensitivities and the reactions you have from them.
•    The name of your eye doctor and primary care physician.
•    A snack. (Especially important if you’re diabetic.)
•    A blanket or jacket if you get cold easily.
•    The New Patient Paperwork can be filled and then sent ahead prior your visit.  If you prefer to fill it out at our clinic, please plan to arrive 15-minutes early.  

We Encourage You to Bring a Guest with You

It is very helpful having a family member, friend, or caregiver accompany you to your initial appointment. You will likely receive a large amount of information. For this reason having "an extra set of ears" helps to recall what was discussed during your visit. Also, because it’s very possible for other patients to be immunocompromised, we ask you only bring one guest to your visit. Please, no children or non-service animals.

The Visit Process

1.    Medical History
Prior to the diagnostic testing, we will ask you to provide us with a complete medical history, medications (supplements, vitamins, eye drops, etc.) including their dosages, any allergies to medications and/or others.  
2.    Vision Examination
A technician will check your vision with best correction. This will include with your glasses on or your contact lenses in place.  We will ask you to remove your contacts prior to dilation. 
3.    Eye Pressure Check
We will gently touch the front surface of each eye with a device used to measure your intra-ocular pressure. Numbing drops are applied so that you will not feel discomfort, only mild pressure.
4.    Dilation
Both eyes will be dilated. This is to allow more light in to assist your doctor in spotting any potential issues.  It can take between 15 to 30 minutes for your eyes to fully dilate.
5.    Imaging
A technician will perform imaging.  This imaging is painless using a high-resolution camera to take pictures of parts of the eye to detect damage and/or abnormalities.  
6.    Physician Examination
When the doctor conducts your slit lamp exam, a microscope with a high-intensity beam of light will be used to show a detailed view of the internal structures of your eyes.  The bright light will not cause any damage or pain. When the fundoscopic exam is completed; the doctor will use an indirect ophthalmoscope to shine a light into your eye and evaluate the peripheral retina for pathology.
7.    Consultation & Treatment
Following your exam by our care team your doctor will spend time with you to review your diagnosis, discuss your imaging and any test findings.  They will explain a plan for treatment, any follow-up care.  They may also order additional testing.
8.    Questions
It’s your turn. What questions do you have for your doctor? Sometimes questions don’t evolve until after you’re home. That’s fine, call our office to discuss these concerns with one of our qualified triage technicians; for further clarification or peace of mind.

The first appointment will include comprehensive eye and vision examinations. These will include a detailed examination of your eyes. Please be expected to spend approximately 3-hours with us to complete this exam.  The exam will include:

Thanks again for trusting Oregon Trail Eye Center to be your ophthalmology provider.

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