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Our Providers (Left to right):  Keegan Harkins, Shawna Collier, Thomas Roussel, Brian Colburn


Meet the Physicians at  Oregon Trail Eye Center

  • At Oregon Trail Eye & Surgical Center you will find a highly trained team of specialists working in the fields of glaucoma, corneal, retinal disease, dry eyes and cataracts, as well as lesser known ophthalmology diseases and treatments.  Our physicians are committed to high quality patient care by promoting a collaboration with other local and regional optometry and ophthalmology professionals to ensure the highest level and most comprehensive care available.

  • Access to sub-specialty expertise, from cataract correction to the diagnosis and management of glaucoma, diabetic eye care, treatment of problems that affect the retina and cornea, as well as oculoplastics (functional and cosmetic “plastic surgery” for the skin and tissues surrounding the eye).

  • Convenience. Our fully certified outpatient surgery center has been designed by and for eye surgeons and your convenience. We offer you all of the specialized technologies you would expect from a modern hospital to support the skills of your surgeon, with one very important difference—we’ve replaced the bureaucracy and red tape of the hospital with convenience and comfort.

  • Compassion. You will receive individual attention from a very caring and supportive staff in a comfortable environment.

  • Your eyes are important and deserve the best possible care.

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