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Clareon® Vivity Specialty

Extended Vision Intraocular Lens

The Clareon® Vivity® IOL by Alcon is one of the many excellent IOL options available here at Oregon Trail Eye Center. 

What is an Clareon® Vivity™ Intraocular Lens?
The Clareon® Vivity® intraocular lenses by Alcon were released in early 2021 and are among the very latest lenses available.  They are well suited for the patient who desire a functioning near vision (reading, knitting), excellent mid-range vision (working on computer, shaving, applying makeup) and an excellent mono-focal-like distance vision (watching the kids play in the backyard). 

While this lens is not a multifocal IOL, it uses a new Wavefront-Shaping technology and feature two smooth surface transition elements that work to seamlessly stretch and shift incoming light in such a way as to allow excellent and uninterrupted vision at multiple depths and distances. The first and most elevated surface of the lenses helps extend the focal range, while a second transition surface element with a slight curvature allows your eyes to make use of all available light.

There is still a chance patients may still need glasses for distance, intermediate, and/or near vision. Full benefits from this lens are achieved when the Clareon® Vivity® Extended Vision IOL is implanted in both eyes. 

Watch a Vivity Lens patient testimonial below:


Police Officer and watch collector.  John gained confidence and another chance to continue his passion due to the Vivity lens.


Tracey works from home and enjoys the great our doors.  She feels more youthful and safe after her Vivity lens implant.


Optometrist who is seeing much clearer and brighter without having to wear prescription glasses all day long.

Our expert staff will help you decide if these lenses are right for you and your unique needs, or whether another IOL option would be better. 
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